About MRI Centers


We have been serving South Bend/Mishawaka and surrounding communities’ since 1986. Since then, we have been leading the region in Magnetic Resonance Imaging by successfully combining the finest technology with highly trained and caring Radiologists and staff. We hold patient satisfaction as a primary goal, so please let us help make your MRI experience the best it can be.

Who we are:

The MRI Centers is a cooperative partnership of Memorial Hospital, Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center, MR Venture, Inc. and Rad Services, Inc. The latter two partners, are divisions of X-Ray Consultants and Radiology, Inc. respectively, which are the Radiology groups serving these Hospitals. The partnership was formed in 1985, as a result of a then current requirement by the State of Indiana to obtain a Certificate of Need (CON) in order to acquire and install medical equipment costing in excess of 1 million dollars. At that time, the State of Indiana would only grant one CON to this community for the installation of an MRI scanner. Because of the vested interests of all partner entities and the limitations on the number of CON for this community, the MRI Center partnership was formed and has continued to evolve over the years to become the MRI Centers with six locations to meet the growing need for MRI services in this community.

Our history of growth:

The original location on Dugdale Drive opened in November 1986. This location was selected, due to its central access within the community.

In 1990, as imaging technology advanced and demand for MRI services increased, two additional MRI Centers were developed under this partnership to provide more convenient MRI services to hospital in-patients – one was located on the campus of Memorial Hospital and the other on the South Bend Campus of Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center (which has now been relocated to the Mishawaka campus).

In 1997, a fourth MRI Center was developed at Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center – Plymouth Campus, Plymouth, IN to allow patients in the Plymouth area to obtain services closer to home.

In 2003, due to further demand for OP MRI services in the community, the MRI centers expanded to the Lighthouse Medical Imaging.

In 2007, the Open-Bore Magnet was installed at the Memorial Hospital MRI Centers location. This scanner is ideal for claustrophobic patients or larger patients weighing up to 550 lbs.

Our Services, Radiologists and Staff:

The MRI Centers are committed to quality patient care. Our mission statement follows:

The MRI Centers are committed to provide the highest quality MRI services to the patients and physicians of this community. The staff strives to provide excellent quality services, in a cost-effective manner. The MRI Centers’ staff and Radiologists recognize that in the performance of their duties, they must continually seek to improve services while remaining sensitive to customers needs.

The MRI Centers constantly strive to remain on the cutting edge of technology and bring easily accessible MRI services to the patients, physicians, providers and payors it serves.

The MRI Centers is the premier provider of specialty MRI services in the community. These unique services include exams such as MR Arthrograms, MR Angiograms, breast MRI scanning with CAD analysis, cardiac and fetal MRI scanning, radiation therapy and neuro surgery planning MRI procedures, MRI guided breast biopsies or needle localizations, as well as pediatric and adult sedation services in conjunction with MRI scanning.

The MRI Centers work closely with referring physicians, who have opportunities to provide input on our processes so that we continue to provide exceptional services and patient care.

Our commitment to state-of-the-art equipment requires the MRI Centers to continually upgrade and change its hardware and software. We monitor developments in the MRI industry to ensure we obtain equipment that allows for the latest imaging procedures to be performed while providing accurate, quality images for all procedures.

All of the MRI Centers’ locations have received accreditation by the American College of Radiology (ACR) who awards accreditation to only those MRI facilities that achieve high practice standards.

The Radiologists serving the MRI Centers are specialty trained in MRI, as are the Technologists who perform the scan.

The MRI Centers’ Radiologists and staff look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you! At any time, please contact us at 888-272-9991 to ask questions or request further information.